I am Dr. Dempsey, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine inventor of CrampX for leg cramp pain. Like many of you, my patients had trouble sleeping at night and going through everyday activity. That is why I invented CrampX.  Q2O has researched, clinically studied and developed a proprietary formula for Leg Cramps.  We call this wonderful product, CrampX. Year after years this formula has proven to show a 95% effective rate.
It took our inventor, Dr. Herbert E. Dempsey along with his patients  years to determine which ingredients make this proprietary formula so effective. Today CrampX® is the original and only patient studied product solution proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps.* Drink as needed.
CrampX® tastes like a sport drink and is WADA compliant and sport safe.


NEW single serving 1.9 fl oz Sport Shot Drink.


Prevent Muscle Cramps

        • Drink 4-8oz CrampX® minutes before to help prevent muscle cramps.
        • Feel the CrampX® difference.

Relieve Muscle Cramps

  • Drink 4-8oz CrampX® at the first sign of cramping.Relief in Seconds.

Recover From Muscle Cramps

        • Drink 4-8oz CrampX® after activity to help prevent muscle soreness.
        • Post-Workout

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