Our model at Q2O® is a simple clear understanding of medicine when treating patients in an office setting. When the lab work of our patient participants was studied, we found there were no change between when a muscle cramp ignited and when a muscle cramp was in a “restful state©.” Therefore, Dr. Dempsey determined the “lack of micro-deficiency© the muscle is missing is so minuscule©” that it will “vary from person to person©.” With this knowledge, Dr. Dempsey “placed the exact scientific amount of natural raw ingredients©” into his proprietary formula so that when administered, the formula will help “fill the gaps in the muscle so that the muscle can continue to move freely from contraction©.”

The results of this painstaking study proved the effectiveness of Q20®’s “blend of organic vitamins and minerals found in Dr. Dempsey mixture©” and as an added bonus, “Q2O® was able to combine these natural and key ingredients into a sport drink form so relief from muscle cramps was as easy as drinking a sports-like drink©.”  It is that simple.

“Taken into account, by placing his “proprietary original drink solution©” into its proprietary state of nature will allow Q2O® flexibility to advance future product applications like pills, powders and pharma products. Dr. Dempsey’s muscle cramp field studies have been so significant and effective on patients it has struck interest among other large pharmaceutical companies, major brand beverages, scientists and universities. But there is only one formula that helps to rid muscle cramps, CrampX®.