Our bodies are “wired differently©” so medicine affects us the same way; differently©.” This is the theory Q2O® put into the development of the original proprietary formula CrampX® “. We added enough various ingredients to “restore the minuscular level that is missing so that its formula can work on a multitude of patients©”.  For example, “if you lined up 10 people who cramp, each one maybe missing a different ingredient.  CrampX® fills in the gaps so your muscles can move freely © “. Not everyone will lack the same ingredient but Q2O® proprietary formula is flexible enough to “keep you going©”.

This is what sets CrampX® apart from clinical and scientific methods studied in a controlled environment and often criteria base selection within a small segmented group. CrampX® has been working for over a decade on everyday people like you. This is the CrampX® difference.