I am Dr. Dempsey, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine inventor of CrampX for leg cramp pain. Like many of you, my patients had trouble sleeping at night and going through everyday activities. That is why I invented CrampX. Q20, LLC has researched, clinically studied, and developed a proprietary formula to help with Leg Cramps. We call this wonderful product, CrampX.
It took our inventor, Dr. Herbert E. Dempsey along with hundreds of patients years to determine which ingredients make this proprietary formula so effective.
CrampX® is the original and only patient-studied product solution proven to help prevent and treat muscle cramps.” Drink as needed. CrampX® tastes like a sports drink and is WADA-compliant and sport-safe.


CrampX - Berry

8 fl. oz.

CrampX - Ice Punch

8 fl. oz.

How To Help Prevent Muscle Cramps?
  • Drink 4-8oz CrampX® minutes before to help prevent muscle cramps.
How To Help Relieve Muscle Cramps?
  • Drink 4-8oz CrampX® at the first sign of cramping.
How To Help Recover From Muscle Cramps?
  • Drink 4-8oz CrampX® after activity to help prevent muscle soreness.
“The brands that innovate best do so with an exceptional embrace of collaboration.”
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